ESF Brief History

The Brief History of ESF in Chicago (1987-2002)

Fall of 1987 Pastor Timothy Hong and 7 UIC Korean students started a campus ministry at UIC campus with the name, ESF(Evangelical Student Fellowship). Weekly Bible study, prayer and worship gatherings were held at Agape House, one block west from UIC East Campus 

September 1988 ESF ministry center was opened at a rented apartment of four ESF member students(Jang Hyun Yu, Sang D. Park, Hyun W. Ko, and Kevin Choi) at 1206 W. Lexington St, about ten blocks west from UIC East Campus.

January 1989, Sunday worship service gathering started at Agape House.

August 1989, ESF ministry center moved to a small single house located at 843 S. Miller, one block west from UIC East Campus, which monthly rental cost was $550. The number of regularly participating students reached about 50.

March 1990, ESF gospel band was established and 15 passenger’s van was purchased

Fall of 1990, three non-Korean students (Russ Donofry, John Pallin, Lisa Howard) began to get involved in ESF ministry

July 1991, Two student leaders of Chicago ESF(Kyung Mok Hyun, Hung Soon Chung) came to Korea to pay a visit to Korea ESF summer retreat

May 1992, Weekly worship place was moved from Agape House to Northwest Baptist Church, located at N. Francisco, Chicago.

September 1992, Joshua Kim, who had been a faithful student leader, started to work at ESF as a full time staff after graduating UIC.

February 1993, John Park, an alumnus of ESF at UIC,  came from Seattle to Chicago to get trained to be a full time ESF staff, August 1993 departed to New York to start NY ESF ministry.

June 1993, ministry center was moved from Northwest Baptist Church to KASE college, located at 5909 N. Rogers, Chicago.

April 1994, The first ESF center building was purchased, which was located at 4601 N. Lawndale, Chicago.

May 1995, ESF world mission networking meeting was held at the new center with Korea ESF staffs.

September 1995, Chicago Language Academy started with 16 students from Korea ESF.

September 1996, The first alumni annual retreat was held at Niagara Fall

October 1996, Timothy Hong had a short term foreign mission at Moscow, Russia

September 1998, Joshua Kim’s resignation from staff position was accepted at Board meeting.

November 1998, Heifeng Hua was baptized. He was the first Chinese student who was baptized

August 1999, Short term mission to Peru was held by Timothy & Lydia Hong, Jonathan Sanchez. Peru ESF was established by Eva Sanchez during that time.

Summer – Winter of 1999, ESF ministry turned into multi ethnic mission ministry with people from 10 different nations(Philippine, Korea, China, Peru, India, Thailand, Guatemala, USA, Morocco, Mexico)

December 1999, Bertha Fernandez started Spanish ministry as a part time staff

June 2000, Peru short term mission(Timothy Hong, Edward Valkanet, Jonathan Sanchez, Tina Sanchez, Terrie Jonas, Mirna)

April 2001, ESF center building at 4601 N. Lawndale was sold to Chicago Board of Education.

July 2001, Held last service at 4601 N. Lawndale building.

August 2001, Moved to a rental space at 5326 N. Kedzie, 2nd Floor Chicago.

April 2002, Iris Zapata was sent to Dominican Republic to start a campus ministry there

May 2002, Jung Min Park came from Korea ESF  to work as full time staff

July 23 2002, Purchased a new center building at 6050 W. Touhy, Chicago.

August 1, 2002, Moved to the new building

October 1, 2002, Kyung A Kim started campus ministry as a full time ESF staff