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August/Agosto 2023 Sermons/Mensajes:

8-6-23 God of the Lowly

8-6-23 El Dios de los Humildes

February 2023 Sermons:

2-12-23 (Love is Patient and Kind)

July 2019 Sermons:

7-7-19 (Faith that Can Move Mountains)

7-14-19 (A Revival of a Dead Life)

7-21-19 (Blessed are the Peacemakers)

7-28-19 (Digging the Wells of Blessings)

June 2019 Sermons:

6-2-2019 (How to Build Up Living Faith)

6-9-2019 (The Good Shepherd)

6-16-2019 (The Faith of a Father)

6-23-19 (How to Receive God’s Healing)

6-30-19 (The Heirs According to the Promise)

May 2019 Sermons:

5-5-2019 (More than Conquerors)

5-12-2019 (God’s Love in Motherhood)

5-19-2019 (The Vision of the Holy God)

5-26-2019 (God’s Way of Guidance)

April 2019 Sermons:

4-7-2019 (Cultivate Your Heart to Be a Good Soil)

4-14-2019 (The Humble King)

4-21-2019 (The Blessed Life in the Resurrection)

4-28-2019 (Ask, Seek and Knock)

March 2019 Sermons:

3-3-2019 (Encouraging Answers to Life’s Unfairness)

3-10-2019 (Fight the Good Fight of Faith)

3-17-2019 (The Parable of Weeds)

3-24-2019 (The Place of Refuge)

3-31-2019 (Turning the Impossible into the Possible)

February 2019 Sermons:

2-3-2019 (Life in God’s Faithfulness and Grace)

2-10-2019 (Guard Your Heart That God Has Given You)

January 2019 Sermons:

1-6-2019 (A Blessed New Year)

1-13-2019 (The God of All Comfort)

1-20-2019 (How to Live a Fruitful Life(I))

1-27-2019 (How to Live a Fruitful life (II))

December 2018 Sermons:

12-2-2018 (Triumph of Faith)

12-9-2018 (The Potter’s Hand)

12-16-2018 (Nothing is Impossible with God)

12-23-2018 (Worship the King)

12-30-2018 (A New Vision for a New Year)

November 2018 Sermons:

11-4-2018 (The Lord of Truth and Grace)

11-11-2018 (Finding and Fulfilling the Purpose of Life)

11-18-2018 (Blessed Life in Thanksgiving)

11-25-2018 (What Matters Most in Life)

October 2018 Sermons:

10-7-2018 (The Hidden Treasure)

10-14-2018 (The Power in the Name)

10-21-2018 (The Light of the World)

10-28-2018 (God’s Compassion for All People)


September 2018 Sermons:

9-2-2018 (The Cost of Following Jesus)

9-9-2018 (My Redeemer Lives)

9-16-2018 (Great Faith)

9-23-2018 (Overcoming Depression)

9-30-2018 (Blessed are the Meek)

August 2018 Sermons:

8-5-2018 (Food for Complete Satisfaction)

8-12-2018 (The Gracious Hand of God)

8-19-2018 (What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do)

8-26-2018 (Rejoice in the Lord Always)

July 2018 Sermons:

7-29-2018 (God’s Kingdom in a Mustard Seed)

7-22-2018 (How to Be a Man After God’s Heart)

7-15-2018 (Faith that Overcomes Crisis)

7-8-2018 (A Winning Spirit)

7-1-2018 (Faith and Miracles)

May 2017 Sermons:

5-7-2017 (The Faith of Rahab)

5-14-2017 (God’s Blessings Through our Mothers)

5-21-2017 (The Resurrection then What?)

April 2017 Sermons:

4-2-2017 (Great Faith)

4-9-2017 (The Power of Peace and Humility)

4-16-2017 (The Confirmation of the Resurrection)

4-23-2017 (How to Receive God’s Healing Grace)

4-30-2017 (The Foundation and Authority of the Church)

March 2017 Sermons:

3-5-2017 (You are Salt and You are Light)

3-12-2017 (Overcoming Temptation of Flesh)

3-26-2107 (Overcoming Temptation of Testing God)

February 2017 Sermons:

2-5-2017 (Hope Against All Hope)

2-12-2017 (The Source of Strength)

2-19-2017 (The Power that Transforms a Life)

2-26-2017 (Overcoming Crisis)

January 2017 Sermons:

1-1-2017 (Gods Call for a New Life)

1-8-2017 (Jesus, the Lord of Joy)

1-15 2-2017 (The Prayer God Answers)

1-22-2017 (Overcoming Discouragement)

1-29-2017 (Commitment and Priority)

December 2016 Sermons:

12-4-2016 (The Acts of The Risen Lord Jesus)

12-11-2016 (The Year of the Lords Favor)

12-18-2016 (God With Us)

12-25-2016 (The Baby in a Manger)


November 2016 Sermons:

11-6-16 (Restoration of Life)

11-13-16 (Freedom from Legalism)

11-20-2016 (The Benefits of Thanksgiving)

October 2016 Sermons:

10-2-16 (Jesus The Light)

10-9-16 (Jesus The Servant)

10-16-16 (Jesus The Healer)

10-23-16 (Jesus The Son of God)

September 2016 Sermons:

9-4-16 (Find Rest For Your Soul)

9-11-16 (The Source of Real Strength)

9-18-16 (Songs In The Night)

9-25-16 (Turning a Desert Into a Fertile Land)

August 2016 Sermons:

8-7-16 (The Eyes of Faith)

July 2016 Sermons:

7-3-16 (The Source of True Joy)

7-10-16 (The Lion and The Lamb)

7-17-16 (Jesus is the Answer to Your Problems)

7-24-16 (Dying For A Fruitful Life)

7-31-16 (With God All Things Are Possible)


June 2016 Sermons:

6-5-16 (Hope Against All Hope)

6-12-16 (The Ultimate Victory)

6-19-16 (The Faith of a Father, Noah)

6-26-16 (The Sufficient Grace)

May 2016 Sermons:

5-1-16 (Ebenezer)

5-8-16 (Faith of a Mother)

5-15-16 (A Prayer That Pleases God)

5-22-16 (God of the Lowly) 

5-29-16 (A Heavy Rain Through a Small Cloud)

April 2016 Sermons:

4-3-16 (Blessed Life Through Intimacy with God)

4-10-16 (Comfort for Troubled Hearts)

4-17-16 (Overcoming Obstacles in Life)

4-24-16 (Authentic Christians)

March 2016 Sermons:

3-6-16 (The Healing Touch )

3-13-16 (Turning bitter trials into sweet blessings)

3-20-16 (The Triumphant March)

 3-27-16 (Faith in the Resurrection)

February 2016 Sermons:

2-7-16 (The foundation of faith)

2-14-16 (Love is patient and kind)

2-28-16 (The Spiritual Authority)

January 2016 Sermons:

 1-3-16 (Growing in Grace)

1-10-16 (Manage Your Life According to the Order of Creation)

1-17-2016 (Manage Your Body as God’s Temple)

1-24-2016 ( Manage your money as God’s Steward)

1-31-2016 (Manage your storms with faith)


December 2015 Sermons:

12-6-15 (Finish Well)

12-13-15 (Blessed Life in God’s Grace)

12-20-15 (The Good News of Great Joy)

12-27-15 (Pressing on Toward the Goal) 

November 2015 Sermons:

11-1-15 (Stand in Awe of God)

11-8-15 (The Lord of Second Chance)

11-15-15 (An Anchor in the Storm)

11-22-15 (Give Thanks in All Circumstances)

11-29-15 (God’s Instructions for a Victorious Life)

October 2015 Sermons:

10-4-15 (The Power in the Name)

10-11-15 (The Light of the World)

10-18-15 (Love Your Neighbor)

10-25-15 (The Power of the Blood)

September 2015 Sermons:

9-6-15 (God Knows You)

9-13-15 (Making Right Choices)

9-20-15 (The Key Ministries of All Christians)

9-27-2015 (The City of Living God )

August 2015 Sermons:

8-16-15 (Digging the Wells of Blessings)

8-23-15 (Finding and Following God’s Will (I)

8-30-15 (Faith and Miracle)

July 2015 Sermons:

7-5-15 (Faith That Can Move Mountains)

7-12-15 (A Revival of a Dead Life)

7-19-15 (Heirs According to the Promise)

7-26-15 (Blessed are the Peacemakers)

June 2015 Sermons:

6-7-15 (How to Build Up Living Faith)

6-14-15 (The Good Shepherd)

6-21-15 (The Faith of a Father)

6-28-15 (Overcoing Crisis in Life)

May 2015 Sermons:

5-3-15 (More than Conquerors)

5-10-15 (God’s Love in Motherhood )

5-17-15 (The Vision of the Holy God)

March 2015 Sermons:

3-1-15 (Encouraging Answers to Life’s unFairness)

3-8-15 (Fight the Good Fight of Faith)

3-15-15 (The Parable of Weeds)

3-29-15 (The King of Peace and Humility)



February 2015 Sermons:

2-1-15 (Faith in God’s Goodness)

2-8-15 (Life in God’s Faithfulness and Grace)

2-15-15 (Turning the Impossible into the Possible)

2-22-15 (Prayer for Daily Bread)


January 2015 Sermons:

1-4-15 (A Blessed New Year)

1-11-15 (How to Live a Fruitful Life)

1-18-15 (Remaining in the Vine)


December 2014 Sermons:

12-7-14 (Let the Lord Lift you Up)

12-14-14 (Nothing is Impossible with God)

12-21-14 (Worship the King)


November 2014 Sermons:

11-2-14 (The Lord of Truth and Grace)

11-9-14 (Finding and Fulfilling the Purpose of Life)

11-16-14 (Love is Not Rude)

11-23-14 (Blessed Life in Thanksgiving)

11-30-14 (God Expects Us)



October 2014 Sermons:

10-5-14 (The Wind, the Fire, and the Tongue)

10-12-14 (The Kingdom for All Nations)

10-19-14 (The Hidden Treasure)

10-26-14 (God’s Compassion for All People)


September 2014 Sermons:

9-7-14 (The Cost of Following Jesus)

9-14-14 (My Redeemer Lives)

9-21-14 (Great Faith)

9-28-14 (Overcoming Depression) 


August 2014 Sermons:

8-3-14 (Food for Complete Satisfaction)

8-10-14(The Battle is not Your’s but God’s)

8-17-14 (Rejoice in the Lord Always)

8-24-14 (Gracious Hand of God)


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